See the BeaUtea

See the beauty in what life brings. As authentically autistic folk we have to see the beauty in all things. It's how we get through the days of frustration or the fabulousness of a wonderful week. Seeing beauty in individuals when there is none, is what authentically autistic minds and hearts do on a daily. Dare I say minute by minute basis, depending of the person. We find the beauty in rude and obnoxious people. Giving second and third chances when it is not deserving. No one can say that authentically autistic people don't forgive and love in tremendous batches. Let's start looking at regular folks who say they see the beauty in all. let's take a gander into their definition of inner and outer beauty. Natural beauty, be it inside or out doesn't need to be boastful or ego driven. Natural beauty comes from being okay with who you are and how you were made. Natural beauty is loving and caring regardless of the individuals circumstances.


Be Naturally beautiful inside and out ; ) 

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