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  • Be U

    Be appreciative of the things you've built. You've put the work in to have a calm and peaceful life. Take inventory of your falls and what you've learned from them. Find a corner of your life that you've made grand strides in. Celebrate the places you've been amazing in. Give yourself grace and go hard in the places that your not doing so great in. Be your own cheerleader first the others will show up just as reinforcements.

  • Exceptionally You

    Tosha'sTees was born from this book. Another way for me to express myself through words. I choose shirts because I had a loads of cool shirts. Join me by purchasing a couple shirts for your collection.

  • Be Authentically You

    Teach others how to treat you! Be authentically you! Find it in you to be the greatest you that you can be! Being authentically autistic is a difficult feet, but absolutely worth it. Bringing creative authenticity to each and every task given and preformed. Building new ways of thinking and doing. providing new ways to look at the world each and every day. Teach individuals that we meet that we are competent, creative, capable individuals. Go ahead and start teaching your skills and talents today ; )